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Joseph (UK Boat #002)

An Amazing Experience! When I was jogging (it’s my 345th 12 km of jogging in a bright 21 °C morning, 11 September 2015), I helped a couple of lovely grandma & grandpa, Mrs Linda and Mr Graham Scothern, pull up their overheating-then-broken-engine boat, namely Joseph. While Mrs Linda & Mr Graham opened & closed the locks as well as opened the water channel for filling and levelled up the water in the locks, I pulled their massive 30 tons of beloved boat from about 1 km down there up to Farmer’s Bridge Top Lock at Cambrian Wharf. In meantime, we shared many greetings, stories and smiles with everyone interested in this old-fashioned way of transportation, man-powered one in hauling the craft. Then, we shared the drink, two glasses of scotch for them, and a glass of water for me (since I don’t drink). What a touching romantic morning! [UK Boat #002, 2015-09-11]

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